Unvented and Vented Hot Water Cylinder Installation based in Letchworth Garden City

As part of our plumbing and heating services, Steven Banks Plumbing, Heating & Eco Energies Ltd offer hot water cylinder installation and care. Hot water cylinders are something many homeowners use as part of their central heating system, when using a regular or system boiler. They can either be vented or unvented, and in the following guide we explain the difference between the two.

The world of central heating is often filled with jargon and technical descriptions that, understandably, leave many homeowners bamboozled. However, it’s important to know the basics about your central heating system so that you can invest in the units that are right for your needs and from which you’ll feel the most benefit.

What is a vented hot water cylinder?

A vented hot water cylinder is part of a traditional or regular system. Vented cylinders are low pressure systems and work alongside a cold water tank, which is usually situated in the loft. The cylinder heats water either via the boiler, or separately by use of an electric immersion heater. When you run a bath, shower or hot water tap, your hot water is being supplied from your cylinder, which can keep remaining water heated for use throughout the day.

With a vented system, the hot water pressure is controlled by the level of water in the cold water tank (or header tank) which feeds down to the shower or tap underneath. This usually gives decent pressure to the ground floor, but is not usually as effective with showers upstairs. This can result in a shower without strong pressure, and some homeowners choose to install an electric shower instead to try to solve this.

What is an unvented hot water cylinder?

An unvented system is used with a pressurised hot water cylinder that works from the mains water supply rather than a header tank. These cylinders work alongside a system boiler and also keep water hot for use later in the day. The way these cylinders are pressurised can be advantageous as the pressure comes from the mains, making a powerful shower possible, and meaning good pressure can be provided even when multiple hot water sources are being used at once.

Vented/unvented hot water cylinder installation in Hertfordshire

At Steven Banks Plumbing, Heating & Eco Energies Ltd, we have experience in both vented and unvented systems, and are happy to advise customers on which might work best in their homes.

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