Benefits of Powerflushing

While powerflushing is one of the most helpful things you can have carried out on your central heating system, not everyone is clear what it is or what it involves.

In the following blog post, we explain more about powerflushing, explaining the signs one might be needed, and letting you know the benefits of having your system powerflushed.

Why might you need a powerflush?

Even the best central heating systems need a helping hand at times. Over the year, dust, debris and sludge builds up in your system and affects how well it performs. Powerflushing is a deep clean of your central heating system, helping to restore it to its former healthy glory.

The following signs are the main indicators of needing a powerflush:

  • Radiators that are slow to heat or have cold spots. 
  • A boiler that makes loud or unusual noises. 
  • A small amount of dark water in your system.

You can also carry out a simple test on your copper pipework to check if your system may need powerflushing. Simply put a magnet on the copper pipework running from your boiler, and if it sticks, this is an indicator of needing a powerflush.

Main benefits of powerflushing

  • Powerflushing works instantly, so as soon as the engineer has finished and you turn your heating back on, the cold spots on your radiators should have disappeared. 
  • Powerflushing reduces the risk of something going majorly wrong with your central heating system, as debris that isn’t dealt with can cause it to work less effectively and even break down. 
  • Powerflushing is fast and convenient to carry out, taking approximately half a day, therefore causing minimum disruption in your home. 
  • Powerflushing is a long-lasting service, as it only needs doing once every 5 or 6 years. This also makes it excellent value for money. 
  • Powerflushing can help your system work more efficiently, thanks to the removal of blockages. This reduces your energy use and can save you money on your gas bill, too!

Powerflushing services in Hertfordshire and surrounds

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